For almost fifteen years FloristWare has been the focus of Mark’s working life. And, for the almost ten years that it has been available, it has remained the most popular independent POS system for retail florists.

What does the “independent” part mean? Most POS systems available to flower shops come from wire services. The systems may be good, but they are also expensive and “bind” the florist to the wire service. Many florists are reluctant to further entangle themselves with wire services, especially for an extended contract.

FloristWare is also unique from other independent POS providers in a few key ways. It was the first POS system in the floral industry to offer a no-contract/no-commitment subscription model. If a florist liked the software they would continue using it, and if they didn’t like it they could quit. FloristWare clients were never held hostage by a contract or large upfront investment. The position was always that florists should use FloristWare because they loved it, not because they were trapped.

This model, our pricing, and even marketing text, has been used by every POS provider that followed FloristWare into the market. This greatly benefitted florists and FloristWare feels good about helping usher in more options for florists.

FloristWare is also unique in that clients always come first. One good example is the approach to hiring new employees. Other POS providers look first to family and friends, but FloristWare looks far and wide to find the best and most experience people who are most capable of providing the best possible service to our clients. Any employee that works directly with our clients has at least ten years of experience in the retail flower business.


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