Bring Flowers


When people find out that I work in the flower business they always want to talk about flowers. Sometimes they have a story that they want to tell – a story about buying, sending or receiving flowers. Other times they tell me that they’re a little afraid of the whole idea.

What I’ve learned is that pretty much everybody loves getting flowers. It’s something that most people don’t often buy for themselves but is definitely something they just love to enjoy.

For example – let’s day you are going to dinner at a friends place. You probably ask yourself, and maybe the host, that timeless question:

What can i bring?

For many people the answer is wine, or a salad, or maybe dessert. But what people tell me is that more than anything else they like getting flowers. They get to enjoy them after the guests have left, it makes the place look better for the dinner, the list goes on.

Flowers are great in working settings too. The most successful realtors have told me time and time again that when their clients close deals they send them flowers. It’s more personal and more meaningful than a gift card or a bottle of wine and, even though their new home might be in complete disarray the flowers make it look beautiful, and feel more like home, right away.

Human resource managers too – they always have great stories about workplace gifts that were inappropriate and caused hard feelings, hurt feelings, resentment and even more serious problems. The best of them also tell me that flowers are their “secret weapon” – the perfect gift that they send time and time again.

Flowers really are the ideal gift in almost any situation. That is why I’m always eager to help out the people that don’t often send them.

People like the real estate agent who doesn’t know much about flowers. The husband that orders flowers online and wasn’t satisfied. The co-worker that isn’t sure that sending flowers is appropriate.

That is what Bring Flowers is about. Explaining why flowers are such a great gift, and providing valuable information on how to best order flowers so that you get a great product and good value.

Learn more about buying and sending flowers at the Bring Flowers website:


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