Better Informal Testing Of Search Results


Most flowers shops are very interested in their search performance. A shop in Springfield IL wants rank near the top for searches like “springfield florist”.

Monitoring search performance is not easy. It seems easy – just Google the term “springfield florist”, right?

The problem is that most search is personalized. In the example above there are any number of factors that would result in personalized search results – results tailored for the  person actually doing the search. And different from anyone else doing the same search.

You can’t really trust this kind of informal testing. It simply isn’t accurate.

There are tools for more accurate testing, but they are complicated and expensive and best left to SEO professionals. SEO services like this are probably the best option.

But there are ways you can get less personalized search results by using some browser tricks, and this is one of the best.

Easy Depersonalized Search – Including International


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