Cron Web Application/Services/API Development


Cron provides web application/services & API development along with systems integration and DevOps release management.

Dario Duvnjak has been essential to a number of projects over the last few years, primarily helping to deploy/harden and maintain a number of Mac OS X servers running services like Apache, FileMaker Server and SugarCRM.

He has always done great work, sometimes bordering on the miraculous – including having FileMaker Server 13 (which installs its own instance of Apache) to run alongside an existing (and essential) Apache web server. These were things that we were often told could not be done by other server admin professionals.

There was some initial concern about going overseas but we simply could not find anyone if North America that could tackle the work we needed. As it turns out any concerns were completely basis and there has never once been an issue with communication or anything else.

Dario is now part of Cron, a small group of IT engineers with more than two decades of combined experience in software development and operations.

Cron is a client-centric firm offering a wide range of IT services for clients all over the world. These services include the development and deployment of web applications and services, systems integrations, API development, as well as consulting and outsourcing to ensure all clients receive the expertise and support they require. Cron also uses DevOps principles, combined with the latest tools and technologies, to ensure quality of service meet the needs of their clients.


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