Free: The Biggest Red Flag (at least it should be!)


“Free” is a powerful claim that vendors will exploit no matter how misleading. Free websites for florists are another example why “free” is a red flag.

Over the past few years a few vendors have started offering florists “free” e-commerce websites for their flower shops, and aggressively tried to convert them from their existing “paid” websites.

This is of course very misleading, and the “free” website almost always ends up costing more, usually much more, than the paid version. “Free” really just means a different payment model, one that is actually more expensive.

Unlike other website vendors that charge the florist for deploying, hosting and maintaining their online flower store the “free” vendors take 30% of every order that goes through the website.

Assume a slightly busier shop with an ecommerce website that generates three $50 orders each week for a total of $7800, with $2,340 going to cover the cost of the free flower shop website.

If the website does any volume at all the true cost of free floral websites is enormous.

But “free” always appeals… and if a florist is looking at a $600 annual renewal for their paid floral website, or a monthly fee of $100, “free” starts to sound interesting – right up until they do the math and realize the true cost.

“Free” should always be a red flag, and free websites for florists are no exception.

Fortunately most florists recognize this, and stick with proven website providers like Strider, Epic and Flower Shop Network.


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