Best Reviews For Floral POS Software


Thank you to our amazing clients for making FloristWare the best-reviewed site on Software Advice.

Last week a company called Software Advice tracked down some of the flower shops using FloristWare and asked them to write reviews of our POS systems.

We didn’t ask them to do this. In fact we were pretty upset about it – we didn’t want our paying clients to be bothered. They are already busy enough!

But our clients are great, and they like FloristWare enough to take some time to share their opinions. They made FloristWare the highest rated and best reviewed POS system for florists on the Software Advice website.


Software Advice website, showing FloristWare is the highest rated POS system for retail florists.

They also said some really nice things like:

The folks at FloristWare are responsive to the changing retail landscape and offer great added benefits to their clients like webinars. The service department is excellent and help is a quick call away when we have questions.


Floristware is not only a POS, recording sales transactions and facilitating credit card processing. It’s also a complete marketing and reporting system. Reports are dynamic and robust – anything I need to measure, in any time frame, I can get from Floristware.

Another nice review came from Tim Huckabee, president of FloralStrategies and the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry:

I have worked with this software for years. I have visited dozens of shops running FloristWare and they’re all happy with the product, the support and the continual development.

To see more of the latest FloristWare ratings and reviews please take a look at the FloristWare site.


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