Finding Real Solutions Rather Than Inventing Problems


Epic Flowers finds the best solutions to the real problems faced by florists selling flowers online – rather than creating solutions for problems that don’t exist.

Epic Flowers founder Brandon Kirkland showed off some of the ways that Epic Flowers is able to deal with one of the most difficult problems facing any floral shop that uses ecommerce: getting better conversion rates.

The conversion rate of a business is the amount of customers that actually partake in the action that the business model is offering them. For example, the conversion rate would be the percentage of consumers who go onto a website and then buy something after seeing what they have to offer.

This is something that the Epic sites have done quite well in the past; having become one of the best conversion rates for customers who load items into their online shopping cart. Yet, Kirkland recognizes that there is always some room for improvement and wants the Epic sites to move forward with their incredible momentum.

While a higher conversion rate might be a little bit tougher to sell as an exciting improvement than a brand new source of revenue, you are essentially focusing on using this as a real solution to customer loss. Every customer that is converted means that there is technically less “loss” happening with your company.

Now, you may think that a small increase in your customer conversion will only have a miniscule effect on your overall revenue. However, the fact is that if you improve by 1%, bringing your overall conversion to 3-4%, then you are effectively increasing your sales between 30-50%. Every conversion that you are able to make on a sale is another $40 or more dollars that your company is able to make.

That is why improving conversion rate is a very real problem that faces any person who sells products online. It can be very trying, and also requires that a person knows their business inside and out so that they are able to make minute adjustments. The individual who goes about working through this problem for their customer is a person that is dedicated to providing quality services while improving the capabilities of the business that they are working for.

You can look at other tasks that are more geared towards being a solution for a problem that is non-existent. If you have someone that is only involved in product development who is not familiar with the business model that their client is trying to achieve, then the “solution” does nothing but create more problems. They want to introduce more features because they are easy to implement or they are what other companies are offering, and not because they will do any particular good for their client.

This is a painfully common attribute of modern floral companies online right now. It almost seems like there is purposeful misdirection happening, and that there is no true attempt to help with serious problems like conversion rates because there is so much emphasis being placed on nonsensical features. That is why you should take a closer look at what is being offered by Epic Flowers; they truly understand what is required to get a higher conversion rate and greater amounts of success for their businesses.


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