Strider Media Acquires Canadian Florist Magazine


On January 15 it was announced Canadian Florist Magazine – an outstanding publication serving the Canadian floral industry – was under new ownership. Annex Publishing, publisher of Canadian Florist for more than two decades, has sold the magazine to Strider Media.

Strider Media is run by fifth generation florist Ryan Freeman and both have an impeccable reputation in the industry. Freeman started out in the family slower shop, then went on to create the incredibly popular FlowerChat discussion forum. Now known as the Florist 2.0 Community the forum has been the best online meeting place for florists for more than ten years.

Strider is also responsible for the popular and powerful Florist 2.0  e-commerce websites. These sites have been a favorite of the best and most successful florists and set new standards in floral e-commerce. Things got even more better for Florist 2.0 florists when, in the autumn of 2014, Strider combined with another excellent provider of florist websites, Epic Flowers, to bring even more powerful conversion and marketing features to real local florists.

Strider is an outstanding organization run by amazing people who are deeply committed with lifelong association to the floral industry. They will do great things with Canadian Florist and it is wonderful to see it added to their portfolio.

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