Beyond Cost Plus 2015


The first Beyond Cost Plus presentations for 2015 have been scheduled.

The first takes place at the Great Lakes Floral Expo (hosted by the Michigan Floral Association) in Grand Rapids MI in early March. The second takes place just two weeks later at the 2015 WUMFA (Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Florists Association) annual convention in Green Bay WI. More details are available over on the Beyond Cost Plus site.

The new 2015 sessions will differ from what we did the previous year. Last time around we focussed on “catalog” pricing – pricing the standard off-the-shelf products that most flower shops offer at fixed prices (things like a dozen roses in a box or vase, etc.). The new session will look at another very important segment of the floral industry – quoting events like weddings.

The new material draws from a number of sources including the collaboration, cooperation and testing of a group of progressive and highly successful florists, our own experience in the floral business, and a powerful approach to quoting new business refined by the most successful custom software development firms

It is a new approach to quoting floral sales for events – an approach that delivers both fewer missed sales and higher profits.


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